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Our Products
We are Authorised Distributor of K-Rain. We also have other products from RainBird, Hunter, Toro and others! 
Rotor Popup Sprinklers
Even water distribution up to 70  feet radius. Brochure
Irrigation Controller
Static Popup Sprinklers
From 1 station up to 99 Stations.​ Brochure
From 1 station up to 99 Stations.​ Brochure
Solenoid Valves
From 3/4" to 2" high quality and low head loss 24Vac solenoid valve. Brochure
Rain Sensor
QCV and Chamber
To detect rain and shut off the system to save water. Brochure
Brass and plastic quick coupling valve. Valve box 6" and 10" diameter cylinder type. 12" rectangular. Brochure